Monday, November 15, 2010


i keep telling myself the diet starts today.
but i ALWAYS FAIL. always.

i was doing great today until i got home, and ate, and ate, and fucking ate.

when will this torture ever end?

sigh. i can't let myself admit defeat, though. that would mean death.

i will start again tomorrow.

i will tell you girls how it goes.


  1. Just keep urself busy love and you can do it

  2. You're not alone. I didn't eat until i came home and well i had to purge 3 times. You know, it never ends, never. Sometimes you'er dong good but sometimes you fail, stay strong, i am also trying again today :)

  3. hahaha just replying to ur comment haha... what is classed as a milder flush?

  4. Don't give up, stay strong pretty <3

  5. happening to me too.
    don't give up, we will get this.

  6. try to keep your head busy with something else, so that you don't eat and if you eat excercise yourself and burn some calories, don't give up, I'm with you

  7. Coco, stay strong. I've been through those stages, when you go... Okay tomorrow is another day. Okay the day after tomorrow is another day... And it never seems to end. But only YOU can stop it, YOU are the one who has to take control. SO don't give up love, and remember it's YOU who can make things happen or not.