Thursday, November 18, 2010

hello earthlings.

so lately i've been in a funk. you might have noticed. you might've not.

anyhow, i'm slowly getting better, i think. i can tolerate not eating at night, and as of late i haven't been major binging. been going to the gym or fencing every day, and if i keep this up until the end of this month i might actually see some changes.

a lot has been floating in my mind lately. actually, a lot of nothing. sometimes i feel depressed. and many times all i want to do is sleep, listen to music, or both.

i will fast.... at home.

basically not eat when i get home.

perhaps not an outright fast, but a juice/tea fast?

that would definitely be under 1000kcal then. trouble is getting that past my mom. but i'll try. i really will.

i think that is a good plan. the thing is, i want to try a little tofu and a small salad, but it never stops there. i always binge afterwards. so i think this will at least help me lose the five pounds i need to lose.

once i lose five pounds it won't be that hard going lower.

...down to 118...

then down to 115....

..then down to 112...





  1. I hope you achieve those five pounds.
    I'd be happy to give you my password, darling. But I won't do it in a comment. I normally ask for a private email to send it to. So if you could get an address to me, we'll be in business. Much love,
    Alice D.

  2. The very last part of your post.. beautiful