Sunday, November 7, 2010

california dreamin'

so this homecoming was the last homecoming i'll ever go to. high school's been a bitch, but in the long run pretty alright, for a virtual hell. i think i'll even miss it a little.

my date was sweet. pretty cute, but in the geeky sense. tall, lanky, nice-smelling with a cute personality.

i had fun, and even felt a bit pretty for the night.

wonder how these last few months will pan out before i'm off to college!

also. currently back in love with darjeeling tea :)

trying to replace shit with healthy food, such as tofu in place of frozen meals, fruit pops instead of frozen chocolate...

does anyone know what i can replace rice with? any good substitutes for whenever i feel the need to binge on carbs?

oh and i'm trying to visit the gym as much as i can. today i went for an hour (because i had to babysit my sister and was in a rush) and worked on my thighs.

going to burn off all my fat, lose 5 pounds by the end of november, and be skinny by the end of december, and get a belly piercing by january.

i'm going to do this! i will and i must and it's a neverending desire but i'm going to conquer it. because fat and happy cannot coexist in my reality.

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  1. I would try to replace the rice with potatoes? I don't know how it's in your land but hre (in germany) you can get potatoes from everywhere, and they are low in cals compared to rice,noodles and couscous. Potatoes have 70 and the other things are all around 300.
    Stay strong and i truly hope you'll achieve your goal and get your belly pierced (: