Friday, November 26, 2010

i still be lady daydream

i've succeeded in pushing away my two best friends (out of paranoia)

succeeded in pushing away a potential lover (for fear of heartbreak and later rejection)

succeeded in feeling all the more worthless because of it all.

my only solace now lies in losing all my fat and becoming beautiful.

please, please, please.

you're all i have left.


  1. it's so hard to be stripped so far back, it's so brave of you to continue. stay awake, you'll find your friends.

  2. i do the exact same thing all of the time. i know. i just don't what to do about it. i wish i could.

    i'm hanging in, how are you love?

  3. fear can be all-consuming. I know the feeling.

    randomly stumbled upon your blog, by the way. i am now a follower. :) xx

  4. Thats exactly what i always do with potential lovers. I hate it! Lovely blog, by the way.

  5. I know you have lots of things,
    I don't need to push away people, they are already far