Monday, November 1, 2010

arms flailing, screaming but no sound

wonder what it will take to finally get back on track.

what about a gym membership? Mom's taking me tomorrow to check out the local gym because i begged her. also made some excuse about pedophiles in the neighborhood..hehe

so hopefully i exercise everyday and eat very little. and by the end of november i want to be thin, at least 5 actual (not water weight) pounds lighter.

meaning slimmer arms, slimmer thighs, flat belly.

i think that's achievable in a month, don't you?

looking for my lifesaving flotation device. hopefully this time i grasp onto the right one.

xoxo, coco


  1. very achievable!!! just have to work har love...
    stay strong!!!

  2. Gym membership is definitely a good idea! There are so many benefits to exercise, and I find it so much easier to exercise at the gym than just going for a run or whatever.
    Five pounds sounds like a very achievable goal, good luck!

  3. very achievable!
    and yes the gym is actually really fun when you get into it!