Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oh, the miracles of the gym

burnt at least 600 kcal at the gym today.

this kind of motivates me to eat less so i'm actually burning enough to lose fat. i want to lose five actual pounds by the end of november. that means seeing results in my arms, stomach and thighs!

yay me yay me yay me


question: how do you burn fat on your arms?


  1. i don't think there is a way too.
    you can only burn it all over. no specific areas.

  2. Thank you, yeah it's me in the photo back in May (2010) when i was my lowest weight, have gained since then, you can still se the ribs but my belly is fatter now -.-
    And i guess you can burn fat on your arms only by moving them as much as you can, if do exercise for muscle i think they'll only become fatter because of the muscles. But at least they wouldn't be chubby, would they?

  3. you burn fat in general, you can do some specific exercise to make your arms stronger, I mean not "fluffy"

    xo and congratulations on your gym work