Monday, November 8, 2010

oh God

why the hell am i SO fat. i am such a fat disgusting bitch and i can't bear this terrible embarrassment. SO FAT i'm always the fattest in group pictures, the FATTER friend and the one with the hideous belly, arms and thighs. fat bitch. you don't deserve food. or love.


  1. I feel exactly like you, although i'm always the littlest one in the group i feel like i am the fattest! it's terrilbe.
    but try to think 'i will be thinner than all of you, i will be the thinnest and you will be so jealous because i will have made it from the fattest to the thinnest '
    I think i's better to stay positive as negative thinking can cause binges, you know? and i wouldn't want you to be unhappy that you've eaten because you're unhappy, okay ? :)
    stay strong love xoxo

  2. you do deserve those things.
    you are beautiful.
    but come away with me.
    i wish we could.