Monday, October 11, 2010

day one is done

so today i had black sesame soymilk for breakfast (130 kcal), diet snapple raspberry tea for lunch (0 kcal), one more carton of soymilk (130 kcal) and two cups of freshly juiced carrot juice (?). not sure how much that adds up to since the carrot juice is iffy, but a good sign is that i'm hungry, haha. i craved sushi and chocolate cake today. good thing i didn't cave in. the picture below is a big motivation. seriously. and thanks to you girls who thought i looked okay. i don't agree with you, but still, it was nice and i thank you for that. i also went fencing today which means i burned calories...hehe

still really repulsed by my flabby stomach, horrendous cellulite-encased thighs, wobbly arms and fatty neck. but i will change my body. i will. i must.

xoxo, coco


  1. YAYYYY YOUUU! Coco we seriously are kicking ass! lol. I'm glad you did great! We're gonna look fab! :D

    & i swear, i mean it when i tell you you look really good! :D

  2. well done you!
    and i looked over your other post. i am jealous of your stomach. mine would put you off food completely!

    love you misses.