Wednesday, October 6, 2010

grocery shopping at night

vegetarian lean cuisine, some low fat greek yogurt. should taste yucky and sour but i'll make myself like it. no more cookies/bread/pastries for me. what a naughty fat girl i've been!

no eating past 7, nearly no snacking between meals. no meal should go over 350 calories.

i also don't drink milk anymore, even though it's nutritious. can't afford the calories, you see. unless i drink it by itself and let that subsist as my meal. except i hate plain milk.

wearing a short bohemian dress, except i can't show it to you because my arms and legs are too fat.

but perhaps in the (near?) future.

love love love


  1. i'm going to do something similiar.
    i need to get out of this binge binge cycle.

    loveeee bohemian dresses! and bohemian clothes fullstop.

  2. Hmm you should drink some milk coco! Once in a while, it's full of nutrients your body needs! Otherwise, i'm loving your plan!! :D

    Cocooo oct 10th is getting closer, are you ready? ]:D

  3. i told myself no more chocolate/bread/cookies yesterday. I dont know what came over me, but it was little miss naughty day, so i can blame it on that..

    your blog is awesome too, i cant believe i didnt find it beforexx

  4. i'm sure you look absolutely stunning in the dress, star. x

  5. good luck with your plan.
    i personally couldnt do it but i admire you :)