Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i feel pretty shaken up about what you said, especially because you're important to me.
yes, i suppose it's bad to eat very little. i don't want anyone dying because of my blog. but what happens in my life is what i put down here, and what i say is how i feel. if it's offending, i'm afraid i can't change myself, because this is the last place i have to turn. literally, the last place. i'm really sorry for anyone who felt triggered by this blog who is in recovery or whatnot. but i can't help it. my mentality is that food is bad, and i can't have people telling me to change that even here. i really just can't deal with that because i have nowhere else to turn. please just don't read what i say from now on then, even if i like you. because i just can't change this aspect of me.



  1. love, its okay.
    i love you for you.

  2. You shouldn't have to change. Not if you don't want to.

    I love you for you too, I hope you're okay, my dear :)

    Perdita, xo

  3. i'd really like to devote more time to this message, being more complete and expresive but it's impossible, i'll be as complete as i can.

    -I love you, I really like having "met" you

    -things are not as bad as you see them

    -if someone dies it's not your fault, food isn't as bad as well

    try to feel better honey, lots and lots of love

  4. I agree with Kenya and I would like you to meet her, we are very close friends.
    What you have written, came from your deepest part of your mind. It's amazing how a little part of our entire body can control us. I tell you, what you do is because you want it like that. There is nothing in life that won't be able to face.
    You don't make people feel bad, you write what you want and fuck the rest!
    Have a nice time.