Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my loves

i love you all so much, you are SO KIND! :)

a million trillion hearts for you girls <3

i really feel so much better and happier whenever i see your encouraging comments; even if i'm having a bad day (which i did) seeing such kind lovely words brings my spirits up quite a lot.


i did keep my promise :)
i had NO FOOD today:) nothing. not even a single drop of juice, nothing with calories.

i'm drinking green tea, which has no calories.

still a bit traumatized from yesterday (maybe i'll save it for another post), but nothing is in my stomach right now and i feel great.

i also went fencing today, so i burned some calories through exercise too!

i REALLY, sincerely hope that all of you beautiful kind souls had a great day. and we will keep going until we reach the skinny we want to be.



  1. ...don't encourage people not to eat. If you know it's bad, don't encourage it. Why would you do that?

    And I love you too. So, so much. Sooooo much. I'm sorry I haven't written back to you! :(

  2. i want to take up fencing!
    and just to reinforce the point.
    love you wonders.