Sunday, October 10, 2010

so it begins.

day one was decent, but i drank a bit too many juices to call it a "fast".

starting monday i'm going fencing again :) which means calorie burning goodness. hehe!

here's my plan (and i'd love to read everyone else's!):

breakfast: carrot juice, apple juice, or soymilk

snack: soymilk

lunch: orange juice, fruit juice

dinner: juice...?

i can't function on just water. in an ideal world i would drink water and float away, but unfortunately i am 17 years old, writing my college apps and essays, attending school and fencing. i can't afford to faint, because i'll lose everything.

but instead i make a compromise: natural, homemade juice a couple times a day and lots of exercise. i will lose weight, and i'll do it well.

we can do this.
xoxo, coco


  1. Yayyyy!!! We did it coco! DAY ONE: CHECK!! :D:D:D
    So proud of us! & more days. Let's rock this outtt

  2. mine's:

    not eat until i feel i'm about to pass out. drink coffee. feel my heart jumping out of my chest. drink hot water. not eat not eat not eat. and so far so good, but i've no idea how long i can keep this on. i tend to become irritable and generally horrid when i've not eaten.

    that said, your plan looks very effective sans all-out insanity. and best of luck!

    x, lia