Saturday, October 9, 2010

it's easy when it hurts

i know i come off to some people as aloof, standoffish, cold hearted. but when my best friend no longer seems to care about me much, when he seems to be rather annoyed at me than happy to talk to me, it just about breaks my heart. it feels terrible to be rejected by someone you really really love spending time with and talking to. things just aren't the same. and i can't make myself forget him but at the same time it's killing me to think about him any longer. i don't usually get this upset with people- in fact, i pride myself in not letting myself get hurt easily. but with my best friend i feel as if something very precious has been snatched away, as if something pure has been tainted with ugliness and bitter blackredhate.

what happened? what went wrong?

i feel so alone.


  1. could you talk to him?
    try and find out what actually happened?

    i feel alone right now too, but we aren't.
    people do love and care for us.
    like i care for you.

    thank you for being there for me.

  2. What happened? :(
    Honey don't feel alone!!
    I'm here for you! I swear, okay?
    Love you coco!
    Stay strong and keep it up. :D

  3. oh love.
    i am so sorry.
    i have felt like this a little too often.

    you have people that care for you.
    embrace them.