Saturday, October 23, 2010

lament #12838472952485

dear fatass,

PLEASEEEE PLEASEEEE become pretty. PLEASE. don't eat food and don't get fat and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look nice in jeans and shirts. PLEASE. you cowwww fuck youuuu!

i really wish i could be skinny. it's like something that's so close yet so far...

is that so wrong? why must this be denied to me, of all things?


  1. i know its hard.
    it isn't working out so well for me either.
    we'll get this.

  2. we are having the same issue, i am not letting myself get there because I hate myself too much to let me be happy and thin... this needs to change. I wonder if you are doing the same?

    We can be thin
    I need to wear my jeans soon!!

  3. I'm eating like a fucking cow, what is worse it's like for me summer is just starting, problems will arrive in some minutes