Tuesday, October 19, 2010


...in a pathetic crawl with a whimper i return. not with a bang, but a sad, fat whimper.

yeah, i'm disgusting and gross. and stupid. and selfish. but whatever. i want to write this down and i want to do something about this. lately i've been butting heads with my mom 24/7, and i've spent the past week crying everyday after school over my pathetic existence. i've also taken an addiction to walking in the rain and eating ice cubes.

what is becoming of me? who am i? i don't know, i don't know, you don't know...

so judge me. but i'm going to make it through, you'll see. i don't want to hate myself, and i don't want to feel worthless. i want to fight for myself. so i guess i'm back.

and fuck the haters. fuck them all.


  1. that's fuckin right girl. be yourself and ignore the people who give you shit. <3

  2. Stay Strong Coco!!! Jut ignore all those pleople who bring you down!!!! Be strong and be yourself!
    And don't worry about you and your mum, you two will sort it out soon!!! XX

  3. you are beautiful.

    let them judge.
    you are strong.