Monday, October 25, 2010


okay. maybe i need to think this through.

i think i can get over B if i try hard enough, you know, because i'm shallow and a teenager and all.
i guess.

i'm going to follow this plan (feel free to add your own input!) and see if i still like him. if i do,then this is not just any old crush.

1. delete/block him from your aim list.
2. don't text him.
3. talk to other boys (perhaps i'm just lonely for male company. who knows?)
4. focus on school and friends and family
5. lose weight
6. go to your homecoming with another guy (this is a MAYBE...)
7. don't go on his facebook.

that should keep me occupied


  1. This looks like a solid plan to me! I like #3 and #6 the most ;) but #7 is crucial <3

  2. number three will probably work best, but you should probably allow yourself to go onto his facebook page because not allowing you to will want to make you go on more.


  3. Hehe yup yup, good plan coco! Now FOLLOW IT. Hehe. Boys... They have no idea how hard they make our lives, do they?